Important questions to ask your landlord before moving in

You need to find a home that is convenient for you in every angle. The most obvious things that people look for are the distance between the rented home and office or educational institutions, the neighbourhood and the amount of rent. What is overlooked are the facilities and the features that your landlord has put to the house. Those special additions to your house make living more comfortable than ever.

I believe that my right as a tenant means I should be safe and healthy. It is better to personally check the house and ensure that everything you would want in it is in place. It is prudent to see it personally than to rely on the words of a man who simply wants to make some income.

Thanks to technology, things are a lot better now than they used to be. There are improvements on how to keep your house safer, warmer and simply much better to live in. Safer means better alarm system. That is very easy to fix. Warmer is harder because it involves some changes to the very walls and windows of the house which the homeowner might have avoided to save money. A double glazed window is one very good add-on that you should have on your house viewing checklist.

My previous house owner had bought many of them online. I ordered my double glazed windows here. It’s a healthy practice to have a heart to heart conversation with the landlord and explain the needs that you would have in your house. That would make things straight. Asking for a double glazed window after moving in will be next to impossible. While redecorating the rented home to your tastes is alright, altering something as big as the windows would not only need his approval but is an enormous expenditure to take upon yourselves. Be safe. Check out the house first.

Paul McKenna Author