How many surveillance cameras should I use?

How many surveillance cameras do I need to my house? What would be the cost of installing these many cameras? These are some of the questions that would be crossing the mind of anyone who is keen on getting a new surveillance security system installed for the protection of their homes. Here are a few factors that you need to consider to figure out how many surveillance cameras you may need to use in your home-

  • Where you need them

This is the most important factor you need to consider. if you have a big house with several entry and exit point then you will definitely need more cameras. If you are living in an independent house with walls all around you will need more cameras at strategic points to check if anyone takes the efforts to jump across the walls or not, especially in your absence. If you are living in an apartment even a single camera at the entrance should suffice to monitor who is coming and going from your doorstep.

  • Why you need them

The second most important factor is the purpose why you need surveillance cameras.If you just want to keep a check on thieves and intruders strategic cameras at the front and back doors should suffice, but if you want to keep an eye on kids left at home while you are out shopping or you want to monitor the baby and his nanny of to see whether your aged parents are comfortable all day long when you are at work you would need to install cameras in every room of the house.


Once I figured out all of the above reasons I was able to decide how many cameras I actually needed to keep my house protected. Installing this surveillance system changed my life as now I am absolutely tension free each time I am away from my home.

Paul McKenna Author