Do Mice Really Love Cheese?

There has been a widespread myth that mice and rats love cheese. We all have seen cartoons of mice nibbling on cheese. But many types of research show now that mice will eat anything.

These are so greedy that will eat anything that has any nutritional value. In fact, if hungry and cannot find any food, then a mouse will eat cardboard and other animals also. So yes, they do eat cheese, just like other food items. They prefer grains, bread and any food with carbohydrates and a strong smell. They are omnivores.

They destroy almost anything in the vicinity in their quest for food. They burrow holes in the walls, eat away wood, eat cartons and sacks of food, and almost destroy their habitat by their constant gnawing and chewing. In huge cities like Glasgow, these are real pests and a danger to the community. Another reason is that they spread quite a few diseases, like bacterial infections.

People try traps to catch and at times use pesticides to kill them. A cage with a small piece of cheese or bread is a common image in many apartment blocks. But a long-term treatment involves a multilevel process.

Depending upon the level of infestation a professional team will decide the treatment plan. If you have a recurring problem of mice at your homein Glasgow, then you need to contact a professional service for mouse control Glasgow. They will assess and devise a suitable scheme for treatment.

Nowadays they use the latest technology for such treatments. These include thermal imaging to find the areas where they live and move more; monitor to locate them; use of nontoxic bait and to kill them as humanely and as painlessly as possible. They make more than one visit to ensure that no toxic or otherwise remnants are not left behind. they will also guide you to make your house rat and mice proof.

In big cities it usual t find rodent population growing alarmingly. But there is always a remedy for every problem. A professional service is an answer to a mouse that will everything including cheese.


Paul McKenna Author