Do Carrots Have Calories?

If you would like to have crunchy snacks when following a weight loss diet, carrots is the perfect treat and also relatively low in calories. Carrots can add color to your dishes and also vital vitamins and nutrients to the variety of dishes you can make like soups, stews and side dishes. Carrots come under the category of root vegetables but not in high in carbohydrates like other starchy root vegetables. Carrots are rich in fiber and are low in calories as well. However you should take them in moderation as it will add up calories if you eat them mindlessly.

Weight loss programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast encourage their dieters to add plenty of fruits and vegetables to their daily diet. Nutrisystem suggests a lot of recipes that use carrots as one of the ingredients. Half a pack of carrots that is about 150 grms of raw carrots provides 41 calories. Before choosing the program, go to Jane Seymour site to read a comparison article.

When compared to cooked carrots, raw carrots have a low glycemic value. The glycemic load includes the serving size also. If the glycemic load is less than 10, it is considered to have a little effect on the blood glucose level.  Half a cup of raw carrots has the glycemic load of 1 and half a cup of cooked carrots has the glycemic load of 2. When it comes to the fat content, it has very negligible amount of polyunsaturated fat. A medium sized carrot has 70 milligrams of omega 6 fatty acid and 1 milligram of omega-3 fatty acid.

Carrots do not contain much protein. The carotenoids present in the carrots give the color as orange, yellow and red. Carrots are rich in vitamin A that improves the eye sight, healthy communication between your cells and growth of your cells. Therefore, eating carrots in moderate quantity will not add up calorie.

Paul McKenna Author