Coffee Actually Made More Delicious?

My morning fix:

Like everyone in my family, I am addicted to caffeine. So much that I remember when I was a sophomore still, I could not wake up till someone actually brought a cup of that black gold in my hands and I devoured it hungrily even without caring to open both my eyes.

Those days I used to sleep well into nights because I was preparing really hard for my college. Additionally, I was working in the evenings and that routine made me so tired that I just had to have m caffeine fixation before I could even start my day.

Of course things are different now:

Now with time and age, I am more like take a sip and enjoy it to the hilt. No more hurried drinking for me. This is mostly because now I run my own café business and that requires that I taste my ware and analyze it before I can sell it.

Every coffee bean is different and so will the taste vary:

The taste of the coffee that is brewed changes with changing brew. So, if you think that you have tasted the perfect coffee of your lifetime,  you will need to do some research before you can even zero in on the product each time you want to pour yourself some happiness.

Don’t mess with my taste buds:

Coffee lovers seldom like to experiment with their brew. They like to have what they like to have. I have had black coffee most of my life till I grew up but when I recently tried latte, I was surprised that I was being prejudiced for the whole of my life. This one experience thought me that delicious coffee can made better. Now, I have embraced all kinds of coffee because I know that coffee if made well and with the same consistent ingredients and formula can never go wrong. Never ever!

Paul McKenna Author