Choosing The Right Curtain Fabric When You Plan To Sew Your Curtains

Making your own curtains is not a very difficult task. You just need the right supplies and a lot of time. You would be able to find a lot of easy DIY projects that can be easily done in few hours as well. You can choose to sew your curtains or simply use a strong adhesive. If you are looking for durability the best option is definitely to sew your curtain with industrial sewing machines which would also result in a perfect professional finish.

Finalizing the material:

You should first be clear about what type of curtain you would want. Do you need sheer curtains simply to add to the aesthetics of your room or do you need curtains to black out the lighting? This decision would help pick a material.

  • Another factor to remember here is the amount of sunlight that the particular door or window gets. If the window receives direct sunlight choose a fabric that doesn’t fade easily, like cotton. Silk curtains look chic but can fade over time.
  • The thread count of the fabric would determine its durability.
  • A heavier fabric would be ideal for those rooms where you would need a complete blacking out of the light. You can also choose separate black out linings if required.

Choice of color and patterns:

The colors and patterns you choose would influence the look of the room and to some extent the lighting as well. It is a well-known fact that some colors absorb light more while some disperse it more. Darker colors might make the room look darker. Lighter colors might be able to allow more light to enter. The choice of patterns would help synchronize your furnishings to the desired theme. Solid curtains are easy choices but remember to adorn them with frills or trims to add extra oomph.

Paul McKenna Author